Braintree Anthropology Notes by G S KARTHIC

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As all knows curently anthropology have a good success rate after languages so anthropology is a good option for optionals .Braintree institute is a well known institute for the preparation of anthropology. Many students every year succeeded by the good approaches in the anthropology notes of G S karthic
This is the most selling top most preferable notes for anthropolgy in the market
Braintree Anthropology Notes by G S KARTHIC  contains 3 booklets having  following volumes:

Volume-1 :-

Meaning ,Scope & development of anthropology:Marriage :
Kinship :Nature and culture and Society:
Family: Religion : ANTHROPOLOGICAL theories:
Economic organisation Political organisation and social control: Research methods

Volume-2 :-Human Evolution and emergence of man:

Race and racism: Concepts and methods of ecological anthropology:
Age sex and population variation :
Mendelian genetics in man Characteristic of primates :
The biological basis of life: Concept of Genetic polymorphic and selection:
Social demography application of Anthropology:
Concept of human growth and development.

Volume -3:– Evolution of Indian Culture :

Tribal administration : Structure and Nature of Traditional Indian social system :
Impact of Buddhism , Jainism,Islam and Christianity of Indian society :
linguistic and religious minorities :
Social change and contemporary tribal societies :
Role of Anthropology in tribal and rural development.Demographic profile :
Caste systems in India : Emergence and growth of Anthropology in India :
Indigenous and Exogenous processes of social change in India :
Tribal situation in India:
Problems of exploitation and deprivation & constitutional safeguards :
Ethnicity , Ethnic conflicts and political developments :

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