Chemistry Notes Brilliant Tutorials For UPSC Exam

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Brilliant Tutorials is very famous for its teaching and its notes they have a very popular name from past 15 years Brilliant Tutorials Chemistry notes are very good for the aspirants who want to take chemistry as an optional subjects . Chemical reactions and chemical theories are very concise to the syllabus in these notes

These notes have very good quality and contains following two parts in chemistry


  1.  Atomic Structure:
  2. Solid State
  3. Chemical Bonding:
  4. The Gaseous State and Transport Phenomenon
  5. Thermodynamics
  6. Liquid State:
  7. ElectroChemistry 
  8. Photo-Chemistry 
  9. Chemical Kinetics 
  10. Phase Equilibrium and Solutions:
  11. Coordination Compounds
  12. Bio-inorganic Chemistry:
  13. General Chemistry of ‘f’ Block Elements
  14. Main Group Chemistry



  1. Spectroscopy:
  2. Synthetic Uses of Reagents
  3. Photo-Chemistry 
  4. Pre-Cyclic Reactions 
  5. Delocalised Covalent Bonding



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