IMS Mathematics K venkanna sir notes

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IMS mathematics K venkanna sir notes

IMS is a very good coaching for Mathematics By K venkanna Sir very renowned teacher for mathhematics These notes are in a very good Quality and covers complete syllabus of mathematics These notes contains 18 booklets with whole upsc mathematics optional syllabus covers.


List of Booklets in the set of handwritten notes of IMS VEnkanna Notes is follows

Book 1 :- Functions of several variables: Multiple integrals and their application.
Book 2 :- Partial differential equations, Numerical Analysis
Book 3 :- Real Number system
Book 4 :- Mechanics.
Book 5 :- Vector Spaces
Book 6 :- Vector Analysis, Vector Calculus;
Book 7 :- Interpolation
Book 8 :- Groups, Subgroups, Homomorphisms, Isomorphisms of groups
Book 9 :- Rings, Domains
Book 10:- Statics (Virtual work, Stable and unstable equilibrium, Strings in two dimensions)
Book 11:- Matrices
Book 12 :-Linear Programming
Book 13:- Riemann Integral, Beta And Gamma Function
Book 14 :-Sphere
Book 15 :-Differential Equation
Book 16:-Complex Analysis
Book 17:- Statics
Book 18:-Kinematics : Mechanics : Fluid Dynamics

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