PHILOSOPHY Patanjali Printed Notes for IAS and PCS

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PHILOSOPHY Patanjali Printed Notes for IAS and PCS

Philosophy Patanjali notes  is not a matter to discuss as everyone is aware that this material is to the point and very precious for the examination point of view so Patanjali notes have a huge demand .

These material have shortest syllabus so that you can save time for other papers .

These notes contains eight booklet as following :

  • Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part A)-Charvaka-Jain -Budhaa
  • Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part B)-Mimansha Philosophy-School of Vedanta-Sri Aurobindo
  • Indian Philosophy-First paper (Part B)-NyayaVaisheshika-Sankhya-Yoga
  • Social-Political philosophy-Second paper(Part A)
  • Social-Political philosophy-Second paper(Part B)
  • Philosophy of religion
  • Western Philosophy (Plato to Hegal)
  • Contemporary Western Philosophy

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