Printed Evolution Botany Notes for UPSC and IFoS exam

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Printed Evolution Botany  Notes for UPSC and IFoS exam

Evolution is a very good institute for botany , zoology as  it have faculty having a vast year of experience also Evolution provides a good strategical approach  to the students.

These notes consist of following booklets

  1. Plant Anatomy
  2. Economic Botany
  3. Plant Physiology- Mineral Nutrition
  4. Plant Physiology – Ethylene,ABA,Cytokinins, Fruit Physiology ,Seed Physiology
  5. Cell Biology – Vesicular Transport ,Lysosome ,Endosomes ,Peroxisomes.
  6. Applied Ecology.
  7. Ecology (Systems)
  8. Taxonomy.
  9. Algae
  10. Botany
  11. Bryophytes
  12. Plant Physiology- Lecture supplement – 1 & 2
  13. Pteriodophytes
  14. Gymnosperm.
  15. Plant Physiology- Lipid Metabolism


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