Vajpayee Sir DIAS Physics Notes for upsc examination

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Vajpayee Sir DIAS Physics Notes for upsc

These notes contains both printed and handwritten notes of physics by D.P Vajpayee sir whose notes are very popular for physics optional These notes are clear photocopies on a very good a4 size paper

Vajpayee Sir DIAS Physics Notes for upsc contains following 8 booklets

1.Physics Vol-1 

a.Nuclear Physics-*Basic Nuclear Properties

b.Models Of Nuclear

c.Nature Of Nuclear Force

2.Physics Vol-2

a.Trignometric Identities-*Huygen’s Theory


c.Group Velocity

3.Physics Vol-3

a.Thermo Dynamics -*Thermometry

b.Kinetic Theory of Gases

c. Statical Thermo Dynamics

4.Physics Vol-4

a.Electromagnetism -*Electricity & Magnetism

*Electrostatics & Magnetostatics

5.Physics Vol-5

a.Matrix Multiplication -*Quantum Mechanics

*Atomic & Molecular Physics

6.Physics Vol-6  

a.Atomic Physics

b.Molecular Physics

7.Physics Vol-7

a.Mechanics-*Inertial Frame

*Non-Inertial Frame

8.Physics Vol-8

a.Solid State Physics & Miscellaneous



Vajpayee Sir notes for upsc are very famous as they are crisp and to the point and covers the entire syllabus of upsc for physics as an optional subject Aspirants can manage their time with the help of these notes and follow the strategy of vajpayee sir so that to save time.

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