Zoology Notes by Brilliant Tutorials For UPSC Exam

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Brilliant Tutorials is a well Known academy for its zoology notes and faculty from past 15 years Its notes are very good if you think of taking zoology as a subject in UPSC examination Brilliant Tutorial notes have very experienced faculty who prepare notes in a very good manner . Our Quality of notes is very good and we provide all the stuff of zoology notes by brilliant tutorials

These notes contains following topics



  1. classification and relationship of various phyla up to sub-classes protozoa to Nemathelminthes.
  2. Annelida to Echinodermata
  3. Prochordata
  4. Chordata
  5. Comparative anatomy of vertebrates.

Section B

6. Ecology and Ethology

Bio-statistics and Economic Zoology.


Section -A

7. Cell Biology

8. Genetics

9. Evolution and Systematics

Section- B

10. Biochemistry

11. Physiology (With special reference to mammals)

12. Embryology(Developmental Biology)








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