ZOOLOGY Notes by EVOLUTION for IAS and IFOS Examination

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Evolution notes of zoology have a good name and demand in market as this is a 12 years old institute and provide a in depth knowledge in the notes so evolution notes have a very Great demand

All material is same as provided in the classroom coaching of evolution

ZOOLOGY Notes by EVOLUTION for IAS and  IFOS Examination

contains set of  booklets as following

  • Book1&2  :- Genetics (as 2)
  • Book3  :-Animal Physiology
  • Book4  :-Developmental Biology
  • Book5  :-Biochemistry Vol-1 (Structural and functional accounts of carbohydrates, Amino acids,                        Proteins
  • Book6:-  Biochemistry Vol-2 (Respiratory Biochemistry, Vitamins,Enzymes)
  • Book7:-  Biostatistics
  • Book8:- Non-Chordate
  • Book9:-  Ecology & Environment
  • Book10:-Cell Biology
  • Book11 :-Comparative Anatomy
  • Book12  :-Biochemistry Vol-1(Structure and role ofCarbohydrates, Fats fatty acidesand cholestrol)

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